Welcome to the ALPHA Shooting Club!


ALPHA Shooting Club was founded in the summer of 2008. In the beginning, it consisted of only 12 people. Since that time, the club has been constantly developing and offering its members various opportunities, both for their own progress in shooting sports, and for participating in the life of the club. Every year people willing to practice shooting sports join the ALPHA club. In 2020 the club already had more than 200 members.

ALPHA currently has a strong coaching and instructor staff in shooting disciplines such as IPSC, IDPA and bullseye shooting.

We are an open shooting club and we are always glad to accept new members, focused on development and ready to help in achieving the set goals.


The main goals of our club are:

  • Developing shooting sports as a sports discipline in Estonia.
  • Developing a culture of responsible and safe handling of firearms.
  • Organization of high-quality competitions in all shooting disciplines.

Activities and events
Shooting club ALPHA organizes:

  • Preparation courses for the weapon exam in the Estonian Police.
  • First aid courses for the weapon exam.
  • Teaching theory and practice in various shooting sports.
  • Workshops, seminars and training courses for shooters of all levels – from beginners to experienced athletes.
  • In-club and commercial training.
  • Competitions of different levels in various shooting sports, from in-club to open international.
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