Who can join?

Any person, who is interested in practical shooting, has valid gun permit and wants to be a part of the great worldwide IPSC society can join the ALPHA Shooting Club.


How to join?

In order to join the Club you need to act as follows:

  • To contact the Club management,
  • To fill in the application form,
  • To pay the entrance fee plus the annual subscription.
    Entrance fee for the year 2019 is 25 EURO.

Annual subscription fee for the year 2019 is 120 EURO.
for Ladies and Juniors 60 EURO.

Persons who have passed the IPSC course held by ALPHA Shooting Club can automatically join the Club or any other Club of their choice.


What do we offer?

Every member of the ALPAHA Shooting Club can rely on friendly team spirit inside the Club and warm atmosphere on training courses. Club membership allows members to have status of IPSC Safe Shooter and participate in all IPSC matches level II-IV all over the world.

ALPHA Shooting Club gives its members an opportunity to participate at leasr in two free of charge trainings per week under the guidance of experienced instructors. Our instructors will always draw your attention to mistakes in your performance and suggest the best way to eliminate them for the development of an improved practical shooting technique.

Indoor shooting range that is used for trainings conduction is always equipped with all necessary accessories such as: IPSC paper targets, metal plates and poppers, falling and moving targets, metal gongs with exchangeable targets (A zone, C zone, 20 cm rings), walls for stages construction, patches, etc. The address of the ALPHA Shooting Range is Pirni 5, Tallinn.