ALPHA Shooting Club is constantly expanding and developing both the level and scope of competitions and the skill level of members. This has resulted in Club recognition for the high standard and management of IPSC competitions and major achievements by individual members in prestigious Estonian and International matches.


EHL – Starting from 2009 ALPHA Shooting Club is a founder of Estonian Handgun League (EHL) – Level II competition. This kind of competition consists of 4 separate matches with 12 stages each.


Starting from 2011 ALPHA Shooting Club has made the biggest Level III competition in Estonia. It was met with approval not only with Estonian shooters but also by our international guests. This competition became favorite and traditionally expected yearly event.

Baltic Open

The first Baltic Open Level III match took place in August 2007 in Latvia and now takes place in one of Baltic countries in rotation from year to year. ALPHA Shooting Club had the honor to host the Baltic Open in Estonia in 2010 and 2012.

Estonian Open

The most important in the Estonian region is the Estonian Open which is an IPSC Level III competition. The first Estonian Open match took place in June 2006 and ALPHA Shooting Club had the honor to organize this match in 2012.

ALPHA Quick Start

Starting from 2012 ALPHA Shooting Club is an initiator of small Level I competitions that usually take place weekly on indoor shooting ranges while “Slow season”. These small matches became very popular among Estonian shooters and treated mostly as mini-trainings between the “Big-Matches-Seasons”.

Shooters personal achievements

We are very pleased to communicate that members of the ALPHA Shooting Club achieve excellent results in biggest Estonian and international competitions from year to year.